ESPN to Air More of Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy Chat With Peyton Manning

Previously unseen portions of the fictional anchorman's interview with the Denver Broncos quarterback will be shown on the network.
Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy

Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy didn't host SportsCenter as planned on Thursday, but viewers will be seeing more of the Anchorman 2 character on ESPN.

The network will air unseen portions from Burgundy's interview with Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning prior to the release of the Paramount sequel on Dec. 18. 

"There will be additional elements from Ron Burgundy's Peyton Manning interview, conducted for ESPN The Magazine, in the coming days across platforms," an ESPN spokesperson stated to The Hollywood Reporter

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The ESPN The Magazine interview was teased as a prelude to Ferrell's fictional local anchorman hosting SportsCenter Thursday at 6 p.m. ET along with David Koechner as Champ Kind.

The SportsCenter appearance by Burgundy was canceled by ESPN in anticipation of the Thursday announcement by the Florida State Attorney's office on the sexual assault allegations leveled at college quarterback Jameis Winston. (The office declined to charge Winston, attorney Willie Meggs announced in televised remarks.)

ESPN's director of communications, David Scott, stated Wednesday on Twitter that, "As of this time, there is no reschedule date" for the SportsCenter appearance. 

Will Ferrell has been relentless in promoting Anchorman: The Legend Continues, appearing in character at major awards events, on local newscasts and in web ads in anticipation of the film's release.