ESPN Fires Matthew Barnaby Following DUI Arrest

The NHL analyst and former Sabres player had been employed by the sports network since 2008.

ESPN fired NHL analyst Matthew Barnaby following a drunk driving arrest on Monday. The former Buffalo Sabres player was reportedly steering his Porsche Cayenne on the wrong side of the road without a front tire in Clarence, New York early Monday morning.

An ESPN spokesperson said, "We spoke to Matthew and informed him that we terminated his contract effective immediately."

Besides losing his job, Barnaby might also face deportation to his home country of Canada because of a domestic case involving alcohol earlier this year, notes the Buffalo News. At that time, he was accused of causing at least $300 in damages after kicking down a garage door at his estranged wife's home.

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Part of the ruling in that case barred him from taking any "offensive" action against his wife or getting into any more legal trouble. He was also ordered to anger management classes and to perform 500 hours of community service.

Coincidentally, the same sheriff's deputy who arrested him in May for the domestic disturbance incident pulled him over and gave him field sobriety tests during this latest encounter with police.

Barnaby joined ESPN in 2008. Prior to that, served as an analyst and commentator for NHL on TSN, most recently appearing during the 2008 Stanley Cup playoffs.

From 2007-2008, he co-hosted The Enforcers, a local show on Time Warner Cable in Buffalo, N.Y., with former Sabres teammate Rob Ray.  He also worked for the Score Television Network in Toronto.