ESPN's 'O.J.: Made in America' Trailer Debuts

OJ 20 For 20 - H 2016

ESPN is feeding the frenzy that is the renewed interest in O.J. Simpson. 

On the heels of the popular FX series The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story concluding this week, the sports network will air a new installment of its 30 for 30 franchise.

The trailer for O.J.: Made in America was released on Friday. 

The almost eight-hour documentary will examine the complete life of Simpson, not just the events surrounding the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, of which Simpson was acquitted in 1995. 

"It was such a concentration of full cultural absorption," doc director Ezra Edelman told reporters during January's Television Critics Association press tour. "What is lost 20 years later is that there's this story that led up to the trial. There was a history, in terms of who O.J. was as a celebrity and as a black man in America that is fascinating. What I think is hopefully different in this is a totally engaging narrative that takes place over the course of 40 years ... not one."

This is not the first time Simpson  currently incarcerated in Nevada for robbery and kidnapping charges  has been the subject of a 30 for 30 episode. 

In 2010, the installment "June 17, 1994" premiered. That episode centered on the infamous Bronco chase and how the networks dealt with the incident as multiple high-profile sporting events were happening at the same time. 

The documentary will air in June on ABC and ESPN.