Esquire Network's 'Brew Dogs' Finale: Stripping Down for Some Ale (Exclusive Video)

BrewDog co-owners James Watts and Martin Dickie travel to Boston's Sam Adams brewery in the season finale.
Joe Pugliese/Esquire Network
"Brew Dogs"

Esquire Network's Brew Dogs is hitting up Boston.

In the unscripted series, Scotland's BrewDog co-owners James Watt and Martin Dickie travel across various U.S. cities to learn more about different types of beers and create their own locally inspired drafts.

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The season finale, from which The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a scene, sees the duo visit the Sam Adams brewery in Boston, Mass. During the episode, Martin and James work with proprieter Jim Koch to create the Clambake Collaboration, a seafood-infused Scotch ale brewed on a ship sailing through Boston Harbor. When Jim pitches that they become one with the beer, Martin and James are understandably hesitant.

"You guys are full of ambient organisms, if not worse!" the quirky Jim tells the British fellows. "We need bacteria! Nature is not going to give us enough. We gotta give it up for the beer."

After Jim, Martin and James do strip down to their underwear following a splashy entrance, one of them doles out this gem: "The mash tastes delicious: honey, a little bit of spice in it. It's gorgeous. If I'm lucky enough to get someone to lick my nipples tonight they're in for a delight!"

Watch the clip below.

BREW DOGS - LICK MY NIPPLES CLIP from EsquireNetworkPR on Vimeo.

Brew Dogs wraps Nov. 5 at 10 p.m. on Esquire Network.

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