Ethan Hawke Is 'Jealous' of 'Boyhood' Star's Good Looks (Video)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Julia Roberts also make the rounds on the late-night shows.

Ethan Hawke says he watched his onscreen son Ellar Coltrane grow from a small boy into a "total stud" who looks like "James Dean" — and he's not always happy about it.

"I've done interviews with him and I find myself jealous of him," he joked on Late Night on Thursday. "Why is everybody looking at this punk?"

David Letterman really let the air out of his Julia Louis-Dreyfus interview by asking her if her children like that she is famous, and then saying the child of two celebrities once told him "it sucked."

Earlier on NBC, Jimmy Fallon lightened the mood by throwing balls at Julia Roberts' face. (Don't worry, she got to do the same to Fallon.)