Eva Longoria Gets Invite From Bill O'Reilly to Discuss Barack Obama

The Fox News host calls her out in his Pinheads & Patriots segment for making $30 million but still supporting the president.

Bill O'Reilly has an invitation for Eva Longoria.

In his "Pinheads & Patriots" segment Thursday, the Fox News host addressed the Desperate Housewives actress landing on Forbes' highest-paid TV star list for making $30 million last year.

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"Even though she's very wealthy, she still remains a staunch supporter of President Obama, who wants to tax her more," O'Reilly said (video here). "Now it would be impossible for me to ever call Eva Longoria a pinhead. I'd love to have her come on the Factor and discuss the state of emergency."

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"The crew is up for it too," he said. "We have muffins! They’re free. They're not $16. And they're free."

O'Reilly's low-key ribbing of Longoria was far calmer than his recent discussions with Jon Stewart and appearances on The View.


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