'Event Horizon' Series Based on Movie in the Works at Amazon

Event Horizon-Photofest still-H 2019
Paramount Pictures/Photofest

Amazon is expanding its partnership with Paramount TV with a series based on the 1997 movie Event Horizon.

Adam Wingard (2016's Blair Witch, the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong) is attached as director and executive producer of the project, which is in development. Paramount TV is producing; the studio released the film, which was a flop in its time but has since acquired something of a cult following.

The movie, a blend of science fiction and horror, follows the crew of a spaceship called the Lewis and Clark, which in 2047 is sent on a rescue mission when another ship, the Event Horizon, suddenly appears in orbit around Neptune after disappearing seven years earlier. When the Lewis and Clark crew boards the ship, they find the Event Horizon crew massacred and start to experience disturbing visions tied to their own fears.

Paul W.S. Anderson directed Event Horizon from a script by Philip Eisner. The movie famously was rushed to release in August 1997 and was received poorly at the time, making $26.6 million in its theatrical run. It had a more successful second life on video.

Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin, who produced the film, will executive produce with Wingard and Jeremy Platt.

Paramount TV produces Jack Ryan for Amazon's Prime Video streaming platform. The series has been renewed for a third season ahead of its second-season premiere. The studio also produces Netflix's 13 Reasons Why and The Haunting and BET's Boomerang, among others. and is developing series based on the 1999 movie Galaxy Quest and the Jack Reacher novels with Amazon.

Event Horizon joins a list of Amazon projects that includes a Fast Color series executive produced by Viola Davis, the big-budget Lord of the Rings adaptation and series based on novels The Banker's Wife and Wheel of Time.

Variety first reported the news.