'Extreme Couponing': Relive the Crazy (Video)

Extreme Couponing wraps up its first season with Wednesday’s finale airing at 9:30 p.m. on TLC. The show has been a runaway hit for the network garnering the series an early Season 2 renewal.

The season finale focuses on Long Island resident, Scott (who New York radio listeners would recognize as Z100’s Scotty B), who’s preparing for his wife Amy to give birth in about a month. And while the baby has him excited, the idea of clipping coupons for all the baby’s needs may send him overboard. Plus, Las Vegas’ Jen shows us how she uses couponing to home school her six-year-old twins.

And, in true over-the-top fashion, TLC has edited together the best moments of dumpster diving, stockpiling, coupon cutting, and excuse-making of Season 1 together into a hilarious mash up clip. Enjoy!