'Faking It' Showrunner Carter Covington Reveals His Dream Ending for the Series

Faking It Still Volk Stevens - H 2015

Faking It Still Volk Stevens - H 2015

The end is already in sight for Faking It. 

While MTV's groundbreaking teen comedy is about to debut its third season, showrunner Carter Covington already knows where he wants the series to end creatively. 

"If the show were as popular as I wish it were, and we had as many seasons as we could, I would wrap up a version of high school, like Awkward is doing right now," Covington tells THR. "And then I would love to fast forward five years and see everyone post-college. I don't think our characters act like high schoolers at all. [Laughs] I would love to see them living in a city and working jobs and having the struggles of post-college life. I think that would be really fun. We'll see if we're ever able to do that. But that would make me so happy. I definitely want to see that."

The reason that Covington is already looking ahead to the series ending is because he knows what it's like when fans don't get satisfying closure when a show gets canceled. He wants to avoid that happening with Faking It, whether the show ends this season or after another seven seasons.

"On my last show [10 Things I Hate About You], we ended on crazy cliffhangers," Covington says. "There was no resolution and it was really hard for me. On this show, I'm really trying to feed some answers [this season] so that if the show were to end, there wouldn't feel like everything got dropped off a cliff. I had that in my mind this season, just knowing the way TV works, you just never know if you're going to get more. Should this show not go past this season, I think it's rewarding in its own right."

While Covington isn't treating season three like the final run of Faking It, he did keep his preferred ending in mind when plotting out the arc of this season.

"Breaking this season was hard because I know where I want the show to go. I know where I want to wrap it up," Covington says. "But we're not at that point yet. At least, MTV has not told me that we are at that point yet. So I had to figure out what these episodes were going to be about if I can't take it to where I want to take it yet."

Covington reveals that he really wanted to play around with the notion of friendship this season and what it means to each character as the show picks up after a time jump to the end of summer.

"Everyone left for the summer so it was really a blank slate," Covington says. "We wanted to put Karma [Katie Stevens] and Amy's [Rita Volk] relationship to a test because the relationship between friends can be more complicated and more tricky to navigate than it can be with a romantic partner, especially when friends become friends with other people. After summer, this whole group is mixed in new ways. Shane [Michael Willett] and Karma are friends now, Karma and Amy have spent the summer apart, Amy and Lauren [Bailey De Young] have grown closer, Liam's [Gregg Sulkin] been apart. We're playing with our core character dynamics and shaking them up."

Season three of Faking It premieres on Tuesday, March 15 at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.