DVR Dilemma: The New Schedule's Biggest Time Slot Conflicts

Go On Happy Endings New Girl Split - H 2012

Go On Happy Endings New Girl Split - H 2012

Now that the blood has been mopped from the cancellation guillotine and the mystery of nearly every new series has been snuffed out by broad trailers and carefully airbrushed promotional art, the time has come to soak in the entire fall schedule -- and what its changes mean for your weekly viewing.

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With every network now sharing its 2012-13 lineup, it would seem the boat has only been jostled (not rocked). Still, there are a few moves that are cause for concern -- We're looking at you, ABC -- so to best rip the anxiety band-aid three months in advance of the new season, here are the biggest conflicts created by the schedule, divided by night.

Choose your allegiances while there's still time.

Sunday, 9-10 p.m.: The Good Wife vs. Revenge
When CBS moved The Good Wife to Sundays for its third season, not all viewers joined it. Could the same happen to Revenge? Unlikely. The gaping hole created by Desperate Housewives seems to leave both series poised for growth. For the many who obsessively watch both Alicia Florrick and Emily Thorne, however, one will likely get booted to the DVR -- especially considering the glut of cable offerings in this slot.

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Monday, 8-10 p.m.: Dancing With the Stars vs. The Voice
As their recent cycles proved, these two reality competitions would likely do much better if they weren't going head-to-head. They've never had the challenge in the fall, though, and each series is throwing a bit of a curve ball. The Voice will see if it can duplicate DWTS' double-down formula and Dancing makes a play for the ratings glory days of yesteryear with an "all-star" reunion cast.

Tuesday, 9-9:30 p.m.: Happy Endings vs. New Girl vs. Go On
Likely the worst case scenario imaginable, ABC's Happy Endings and Fox's New Girl essentially cater to the exact same group of younger-skewing, adorkable viewers. NBC's addition of Matthew Perry's new comedy Go On, while a wild card, only makes the situation messier. On the bright side: Meryl Streep may one day win an Oscar for playing a woman shouldering this very catch-22.

Wednesday: Conflict free!
Since there's no way for ABC to schedule Nashville at the same time as Modern Family, even if it wanted to, hump day remains a bastion of leisurely viewing.

Thursday, 9:30-10 p.m.: Glee vs. Parks & Recreation
While not as devastating as Happy Endings pitted against New Girl, both these comedies have cult followings and have never had to consider the other before. It will be interesting to see how a comedic Fox Thursday might affect the NBC's must-see block.

Friday, 8:30-9:00 p.m.: Community vs. Malibu Country
Are we kidding? Mostly. But there appears to be a dose of hilarious self-awareness in Lily Tomlin's portrayal of a stoned, backwoods grandma that might ring true with Community fans. At the very least, they're going to be curious.