Fall TV Pilot Preview: NBC's 'Guys With Kids'

Jimmy Fallon wears a new hat as one of the executive producers of the new NBC comedy about three thirtysomething dads and the women in their lives.

Stay-at-home dads don't have it easy, and the new NBC sitcom Guys With Kids shows how hard it can get when three thirtysomething guys -- Jesse Bradford (Swimfan, The West Wing), Anthony Anderson (Law & Order, The Shield), Zach Cregger (Friends With Benefits) -- have to deal with raising kids while still acting like kids themselves.

Erinn Hayes (Worst Week), Jamie-Lynn Sigler (The Sopranos) and Tempestt Bledsoe (all grown up since her days on The Cosby Show) round out the cast as the women who alternately love the guys and try their patience -- often at the same time. Hayes was added to the series when Sara Rue, originally cast in the role of Sheila, had to bow out because of her commitment to the ABC sitcom Malibu Country.

The Hollywood Reporter screened the pilot of Guys with Kids, which finds The Office and Saturday Night Live writer Charlie Grandy switching gears to a kinder, gentler sitcom and keeping in line with NBC’s far-ranging comedy efforts for the new fall season. You could call this sitcom Father Knows Best ... Sometimes.  Here a few things you need to know about the show.    

1. Jimmy Fallon and Amy Ozols are the show’s executive producers, along with Rick Weiner and Kenny Schwartz. Additionally, Betsy Thomas is migrating from NBC comedy Whitney to co-executive produce Guys With Kids. We're just throwing it out there but could Fallon be starting to think about fatherhood now that he’s been married to film producer Nancy Juvonen for five years?

2. The show’s pilot was originally titled DILFs which is short for Dads I’d Like to -- um, you fill in the blank, we keep it clean around here.

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3. Anderson, last seen as a brusque detective on Law & Order, portrays a guy who’s a real teddy bear in this comedy. He’s a sleep-deprived dad who rocks a Baby Bjorn instead of a suit for his job tending to three kids. 

4. Perpetually youthful Jesse Bradford barely looks old enough to be a dad. His easy charm fits perfectly into the show as his character tries to deal with ex-wife Sheila while being a good father to his little boy. 

5. The old rule actors have about never working with kids or dogs holds true as the really cute toddlers try to pull focus from their more established co-stars.  

Guys With Kids will premiere Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 8:30 p.m. on NBC. Watch a trailer below and hit the comments with your thoughts. Will you watch?

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