Fall TV Pilot Preview: NBC's 'Animal Practice'

Justin Kirk stars in this new sitcom set in a veterinary hospital, but the real scene-stealer is a monkey named Dr. Zaius.
Animal Practice cast

What happens when a vet cares far more for the animals he treats than the humans who own them? That's the premise of Animal Practice, a new NBC sitcom with Justin Kirk at the center as George Coleman, one of the best vets working but he has no tolerance or empathy for people. When he's forced to work with his former flame, Dorothy Rutledge (Joanna Garcia Swisher) after she inherits the facility, they butt heads about how best to run the hospital, especially when it comes to treating the pet owners better.    

The Hollywood Reporter screened the pilot of Animal Practice and found the workplace comedy surprising and funny. Here's what you need to know about it.  

1.  The show has a shot at being a breakout hit because of Kirk as the misanthropic yet still attractive lead, and its the offbeat humor. (Imagine House, M.D. with a monkey.) 

2. Joanna Garcia Swisher joined the cast as the female lead after NBC decided to recast the role after picking the show up to series. She joins Kirk, Tyler Labine, and Bobby Lee as vets at the clinic and Crystal the Monkey (CommunityHangover II) as Dr. Zaius, the monkey who assists the docs in a variety of tasks.

3. The show boasts the talented directing team of Anthony and Joe Russo, whose input proved invaluable to both Community and Happy Endings.  

4. While the presence of the monkey made some people skeptical, it works to good comedic effect as the primate is not only a doctor's aide but also an in-house bookie and emotional confidante for George.  

5. NBC will preview Animal Practice on Sunday, Aug. 12, following the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics, and it will be broadcast commercial free. 

Take a look at the trailer below and hit the comments and let us know if you'll be watching. 



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