Fall TV Pilot Preview: ABC's 'Zero Hour'

Zero Hour Pilot Episodic - H 2012
Phillippe Bosse/ABC

If you love conspiracy theories, then ABC's midseason entry Zero Hour may be the show for you.

Starring ER alum Anthony Edwards (RIP Dr. Greene!), the hourlong centers on Hank Foley, an editor of a skeptics magazine who gets pulled into one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time. Racing against time, he is forced to save someone close before things go south.

The Hollywood Reporter screened the pilot for the drama and as part of our Fall Preview 2012 have five things to know about the series before its launch.

1. Dr. Greene may be long gone, but Edwards is back at ABC where he's making a return to television after his lengthy stint on long-running medical drama ER. It's been a patient wait for fans of the actor, who laid low for several years, taking on a smattering of films (including Zodiac) in between. Edwards is just one of many actors making a comeback on TV, with Friends' Matthew Perry (NBC's Go On), Reba McEntire (ABC's Malibu Country) and The Cosby Show's Phylicia Rashad (NBC's Do No Harm) among those with new projects.

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2. From Lorenza di Bonaventura, Paul Scheuring and Dan McDermott, Zero Hour covers centuries. Sure, the series is set in present day, but the story dates all the way back to war times -- as viewers will see in the opening minutes.

3. Clock, clocks and you guessed right, more clocks. Those nifty little timepieces are what keeps this drama going; they're at the center of Hank's search and at the forefront of the centuries-old mystery. A diamond found in one old clock purchased by Hank's abducted wife (Jacinda Barrett) only begins to unravel the complex mythology. (Apparently, there are 11 more that reveal a long-lost secret!) There's talk of religion, the Nazis, secret societies and "treasure maps" that start Hank and his loyal employees on this long journey. Because, as the old man says in the trailer below, if they don't find all 12 before the enemy does, it will be .. too late for the entire world. How's that for dramatic?

4. With drama comes comedy and romance. While Zero Hour is meant to be heavily dramatized (after all, the characters find themselves in an extraordinary situation), there is some room for the simplistic things in life one gravitates toward -- even when the feds are involved. Greek's Scott Michael Foster and Addison Timlin play Hank's young cohorts, and it's quickly revealed that the two have a unique relationship .. er, friendship.

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5. Are the Swedes making a run for TV dominance? It sure seems like it. With The Killing's Joel Kinnaman breaking through with big-time film roles like the Robocop reboot, Mission: Impossible 4 baddie and Dragon Tattoo's Michael Nyqvist is joining the fray as villain White Vincent. As expected, there's something rather creepy (and enigmatic) about his character -- and there will be a reveal made during the episode that will certainly complicate things.

Bonus item: Why exactly is the show called Zero Hour? You'll find out at the very end of the pilot.

Watch a trailer below:

Zero Hour is set for a midseason debut on ABC.