'Falling Skies' Actor Connor Jessup on Season Finale: 'It's a Nice Midpoint' for Ben's Story (Video)

As Falling Skies wraps up its rollercoaster sophomore season, actor Connor Jessup -- who plays the alien-human hybrid Ben -- looked back on a year he called "crazy."

After a season playing a zombiefied version of his character, Jessup expressed excitement over the producers evolving Ben into a gun-wielding fighter.

"They made Ben an action hero. They threw him in the front line. It was crazy. It was much more physical season for me this year. It feels like a totally different role, a totally different part from season one," he told The Hollywood Reporter when he dropped by the THR Cover Lounge.

Jessup discussed the season-long struggle that his alter-ego has been going through, with the Skitters and the 2nd Mass.

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"All season long, Ben's been walking a tightrope between alien and human. The conflict with this character has been which way is he going to fall and there has been forces pulling him in different directions," he said. "In the finale, you finally figure out which side he's fallen on. The angst and conflict that has driven him has taken another large step. It's a nice midpoint in Ben's storyline."

Jessup spoke of Ben's connection to the Skitters and the decision to leave 2nd Mass for the Rebellion, saying, "It's kind of the tentative silver lining in a very, very dark storm cloud and he's very excited about that possibility -- and that's why he's so enthusiastic, so blindly trusting in this Red-Eyed figure."

When Sunday's finale rolls around, the Canadian actor -- who was named a Rising Star from the Toronto International Film Festival and has an  indie film Blackbird screening this year -- teased that Ben's decision will be revealed to be a good, or potentially bad, thing.

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"It's always been a conflict between he and his dad [Tom]. Why do you believe this? Why are you so sure? Even Ben can't say. It's not like he has any irrefutable proof that no one else does. In many ways, he's taking it on faith," Jessup said. "By the end of the season, you will find out whether that decision to throw himself into that will have really positive consequences or really disastrous consequences."

Watch the full interview above and to see Jessup's favorite season two episodes, watch below.

Falling Skies' season two finale airs 10 p.m. Sunday on TNT.

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