'Falling Skies': Drew Roy Previews Action-Packed Second Season, Hal's New Role (Video)

Falling Skies is back for another round of alien action and this time, things will look drastically different.

Series star Drew Roy dropped by The Hollywood Reporter's Cover Lounge to discuss the final seconds in the season finale and how his character, Hal, is dealing with his new role (hint: becoming more like father Tom Mason [Noah Wyle]!) in the group.

"Three months have passed by the time season two starts so you can say worlds are apart from where [Tom] is or where he went or whatever happened with him and us," Roy tells THR of the two-hour season premiere, "or it's how society used to be like before the aliens attacked and now where we are."

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As the opening minutes of the premiere suggest, life goes on.

"You still have families, you still have relationships, you still have jobs," he says. "All of that continues."

Roy, who says that season two has "more action" this year, teases that Hal finds himself taking on a role that feels oddly similar to the one Tom held: father figure.

"Now that dad's gone, Hal is falling into the father position to Ben (Connor Jessup) and to his younger brother Matt," he says. "Along with that comes the problem that they're his brothers and Ben particularly is getting to the age that he's going to want to rebel and be his own man."

Roy continues: "On top that, we're seeing all sorts of things happen to [Ben] because of being harnessed, just having the Skitter juice in him has really made some interesting things happen. He's stronger, he has this utter hate towards the Skitters now and wants to annihilate them. Now I'm finding myself having to stop him from doing some things. That makes that relationship a little tense but at the same time, fun to play."

Falling Skies returns Sunday with a two-hour season premiere at 9 p.m. on TNT.