'Falling Skies': Will Patton Talks Weaver's Evolution and Season 2

Will Patton Falling Skies - P 2012

Will Patton Falling Skies - P 2012

Falling Skies finishes season two this weekend, which promises to wrap up an action-packed season of the TNT drama.

"It is pretty vivid. It's a vivid show that way. The situations are extreme," Will Patton told The Hollywood Reporter of season two. "It's not a lawyer show in that sense, so it's heightened. You carry it with you somewhat."

Patton noted that Tom's (Noah Wyle) departure at the end of last season from the 2nd Mass effectively changed the dynamic of the group, causing everyone -- including Tom's eldest sons Hal (Drew Roy) and Ben (Connor Jessup) -- to take on larger roles. An aspect, he said, was unique to the season, especially in regards to Tom and Weaver.

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"We've all fallen into these [certain] positions in the show, which aren't positions we would have chosen in our normal lives. In a way, sometimes it requires you putting on a mask to do your job in this kind of a situation," Patton said. "What's interesting about it is where we see behind the masks. There's something really exciting to me about these very human people, with a lot of heart and soul, dealing with these extreme circumstances."

The veteran actor called Falling Skies' post-apocalyptic premise a symbol. "It's a great metaphor for what's happening in the world today," he said. "Everyone feels slightly in jeopardy, which is what interests me about the show."

In recalling Weaver's reunion with his daughter, Patton called it "a good moment" for his character.

"At its best, it puts the viewer in the position of thinking, 'Well, what if this was me in this situation? What would I actually do? How would I behave if things had gotten to this point?,' " he said.

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For Patton, the moments where "it's revealed what a character is really thinking" goes levels beyond the physical aspects to the story.

"Weaver is huge when he really reveals what's going on with him," he said. "There are so many moments like that because he reveals very little. When he does, it's big."

Weaver, Patton revealed, was originally meant to "be a pure heavy" when the series began. As time went on, however, that changed. "I was interested in the character in a different way than that," he said of the gradual shift over time.

"Weaver started out saying, 'We don't have time for these civilians and we've got to take care of business here,' and Tom was the opposite. I think he and Weaver over the course of the two seasons have opened up to the other version. Weaver often has become more like Tom and Tom has become more like Weaver just having to balance things," Patton said. "We've had to bond a bit more than we realized."

Falling Skies season two finale airs 10 p.m. Sunday on TNT.

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