'Fargo' Recap: Molly Steals the Show and More Highlights

In the FX drama's second airing, Allison Tolman's Molly seems inches away from making a big discovery, plus more highlights from episode two.

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Fargo's "The Rooster Prince" episode.]

After introducing the central characters and setting up the foundation for the anthology series, FX's Fargo expanded the world during Tuesday's second outing with the introduction of several colorful characters.

Coincidence is not in Molly's (Allison Tolman) vocabulary when she sets out on a mission to connect the dots from the town's slayings, leading her to a suspicious Lester (Martin Freeman). And while she has her eyes set on Lester, the lonely Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks) has his eyes set on his neighbor.

Here are The Hollywood Reporter's top moments from episode two.

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1. There's no library in this town.

"There's no library in this town. Why is there no library in this town?" Meet Mr. Numbers (Adam Goldberg) and Mr. Wrench (Russell Harvard), the Fargo "fixers" who are brought in to investigate whether or not Sam Hess' (Kevin O'Grady) death was connected to what they call "the business." Just what that means, however, is unclear, though their concern about the town's missing library helps explain why some of Fargo's characters seem so out-of-touch.  

2. Billy Bob Thornton is … a priest? 

During Tuesday's hour, that's how his jack-of-all-trades character Lorne Malvo is portrayed -- at least for a moment. When Malvo waltzes into the post office to pick up his fake ID, he takes one look at his typically awful photo and says, "I'm a minister apparently." Maybe there is a spot in heaven for this cynical serial killer. Maybe.

3. The Supermarket King.

Meet Stavros Milos (The Big C's Oliver Platt), who hires Malvo to uncover his blackmailer. During an indulgent introduction, he tells Malvo, "I got mangos in January," before sending Lorne off to find out who sent him the scrappy blackmail note. Milos takes peculiar pride in his supermarket chain glory. He's another arrogant character like Hess, and things didn't turn out so well for the latter.

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4. Caught bronze-handed.  

In a strange twist, the self-tanning bronzer is a clue. Lorne goes to meet the alleged blackmailer, Stavros' wife, Helena Milos (Allegra Fulton). After this visit and a handshake with Helena's flamboyant trainer Don Chumph (Glenn Howerton), Malvo finds an odd discovery: The same bronzer wiped off in a handshake is soiled on the blackmail note.

5. Gus is on dog duty.

Gus Grimly may be the male counterpart to Molly's curiosity. He has a keen eye to solve a mystery, but even though he has suspicions about Malvo, Gus keeps his mouth shut and ends up on animal control.

6. The naked neighbor. 

The single dad surprises his teenage daughter Greta (Joey King) with dinner and gets a tease of his own thanks to his seductive neighbor and potential love interest, Rachel Ziskind (Leah Cairns). Although she's married, she flashes her lingerie and ogles the officer through the window. Let's hope the conversation goes a little further than the tin-can telephone. 

7. Lorne Malvo doesn't give a [fill in the blank]. 

Stavros' henchman, Wally (Barry Flatman), is suspicious of Lorne and tries to strong-arm him. But Malvo shows no fear. While Wally tries to intimidate Lorne, all the bad-ass Malvo does is tune him out, take a trip to the bathroom and just basically not give a crap.

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8. Pearl's stuffed animals.

If Lester's whining wife Pearl (Kelly Holden Bashar) lived to see episode two, she may have been featured on TLC's My Strange Addiction after Molly finds her collection of stuffed animals in her car. It's a heartbreaking discovery that may also explain why Pearl treated her husband like a child. 

9. Ice Fishing. 

Fargo natives Numbers and Wrench take advantage of the cold and bury the episode's only victim, Lenny (Paul Braunstein), six feet under. Although they know Lenny didn't kill Hess, that doesn't stop them from offing him in cold blood. Will the ice-covered pond become the show's designated graveyard? 

10. Molly is 10 steps ahead of … everyone

"A learned detective might consider that a clue," Molly's father, Lou (Keith Carradine), tells her as she begins to put the murder-mystery's puzzle pieces together. Meanwhile, new chief of police Bill (Bob Odenkirk) blames the series of slayings on coincidence. For her part, Molly is trying to find justice for the victims, while Bill is just a victim of the town missing a library. 

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