Watch Jack Black, Jeffrey Tambor Massage Fathers on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Jack Black Jimmy Kimmel Massage H 2015

Jack Black Jimmy Kimmel Massage H 2015 

Jack Black is a busy man on Father's Day.

The actor of HBO's The Brink jokingly paused his Jimmy Kimmel Live interview on Thursday night to attend to his side gig, in which celebrities give fathers massages.

"It's called Starsky and Touch," Black explained to Kimmel.

In fact, the host's desk actually doubles as a massage table and guest couches work as a great waiting room, complete with cucumber water and magazines.

The bit shows that it's a booming business — even fellow guest Jeffrey Tambor is in.

"It's a busy season for me," joked the Transparent star.

Watch the video below, complete with Jimmy Kimmel's reaction.