'Fear the Walking Dead': 10 Burning Questions Before Season 2 Resumes

Fear the Walking Dead - H 2016
Courtesy of AMC

The end of the world was only just the beginning for the Clark and Manawa family's dissolution.

Throughout the first half of its second season, AMC's Fear the Walking Dead explored the apocalyptic new world order's toll on the blended family at the heart of the show. By the time it reached its midseason cliffhanger, increasingly tense circumstances more than boiled over — they exploded, literally, as a suddenly unhinged Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades) blew up a safe haven filled with walkers, not to mention himself, subsequently sending his fellow travelers scattered into three distinct directions.

Here's where things stand now: Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) has been separated from her son Nick (Frank Dillane) and her boyfriend Travis (Cliff Curtis), though she remains in the company of her daughter Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and two other allies: Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) and Ofelia Salazar (Mercedes Mason), both of whom lost their last living loved ones at the compound. Meanwhile, Nick marched off into the night on his own, slicked in guts and gore, walking among the walkers in an effort to reconnect with the dead and explore his theory that he can't die. Then there's Travis, who consciously removed himself from the Clark family in order to focus on helping his son, Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie), get past his newfound thirst for blood.

The plot of Fear the Walking Dead is more fractured than ever, even as the show's similarities with the flagship series The Walking Dead grow more and more by the episode. With the back half of season two set to premiere on Sunday, here are 10 of the biggest questions on the board now, in terms of the show's story and characters.

1. Will the Gang Get Back Together?

Just as The Walking Dead broke its cast apart at the midpoint of season four, the spinoff series now sees its various characters operating on their own adventures, with no easy way of reassembling the group in sight. Will everyone see signs for a Terminus of sorts, leading to a reunion in the season finale? Will the threads tie together even sooner, with Madison getting the band back together as early as the midseason premiere? Really, it's mostly a question of when, not if, the scattered Clarks and Manawas will join forces again — assuming they survive their respective trials.

2. Is Nick Actually Immortal?

No, he's not. But he thinks he is, and that's almost as big of a deal. Before heading out to walk among the walkers, Nick confessed to Madison that he believes that he's literally invincible. Time after time, he's brushed up against death and walked away to tell the tale. Expect season two to put Nick's philosophy to the test, as soon as the midseason premiere. 

3. Can Travis Help Chris?

Chris' psychotic behavior understandably raised some red flags within the Clark-Manawa clan, and it's not clear if those flags are coming down anytime soon. With Travis and Chris on the road together, the father-son duo not only have to deal with their interpersonal issues, but also Chris' sudden bloodlust as well. As much as he wants to help his son, Travis might find that some people are beyond saving.

4. How Much More Can Madison Take?

Her husband died long before the apocalypse. Then she suffered through her son's various struggles with drug addiction. Then the world ended. It's been a rough few years for Madison Clark, and it's only getting rougher, now that she's estranged from Travis and Nick. On top of their disappearances, Madison also has to contend with her own cold-blooded actions, having murdered Celia during the midseason finale. At this rate, Madison is on pace to go full-blown Rick Grimes (minus the grizzled beard) by the time season two wraps.

5. Will Alicia Take a Turn for the Lexa?

As the former Heda at the heart of The CW's The 100, Debnam-Carey has more than proven her ability to kick ass, take names and earn countless fans in the process. But as Alicia Clark on Fear the Walking Dead, she's yet to reach her full potential, spending much of season two flirting with a strange boy on the radio. It's about time that the series allowed Alicia to shake off her teenage angst and unleash the walker-hunting hero lurking inside.

6. What's Next for Strand?

The most mysterious member of the Manawa-Clark crew lost some of his enigmatic layers by the time season two reached its midpoint: Strand was searching for his long-lost boyfriend this entire time, and when they finally reunited, it was too late for a happily ever after. With Thomas (Dougray Scott) gone, Strand's subsequent moves are unclear ... but based on his history, it won't be too long before he pulls off another con.

7. Is Daniel Alive?

The war veteran experienced a sharp left turn in the midseason finale, seeing visions of his dead wife, and apparently killing himself in an effort to destroy the walkers inhabiting Celia's compound. But showrunner David Erickson has made it clear that he plans to bring Salazar back in season three, even if he's down for the count for the remainder of the season.

8. Who is Ofelia?

Without question, Mason's character has been the least developed of all the series regulars on Fear the Walking Dead. Now that she's the sole surviving Salazar family member, or at least the only one currently on the show, it's time for Ofelia to either step up to the plate or shuffle off into the world of the undead. It's make-or-break time for this mostly unused character.

9. Who is Luciana?

When season two resumes, expect some new faces to come along for the ride, starting with Luciana, played by Prison Break veteran Danay Garcia. Little is known about Luciana right now, except that she's slated to cross paths with Nick — a meeting that's going to occur much sooner than later.

10. Who Will Die Next?

Liza died during the first-season finale. Daniel perished in the midseason-two finale, maybe. Who's the next main player to meet their maker? Are Chris' days numbered, given his psychotic nature? Will Nick push the limits too far? Is Ofeila an easy target now that she's the last member of her family on the show? Whoever bites it next, the odds are in favor of one or more major characters reaching the end of the line before season two comes to a close.

Fear the Walking Dead resumes its second season Sunday, Aug 21, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.