'Fear the Walking Dead': Deleted Scene Offers More Family Drama (Exclusive Video)

AMC's Fear the Walking Dead wasn't short on family drama during its freshman run.

While Madison (Kim Dickens) was quick to catch on to the new way of life after the onset of the apocalypse, her husband, Travis (Cliff Curtis), attempted to hold on to hope — and it created a rift between them.

In an exclusive clip from the season-one DVD — out March 22 — Madison and Travis have a heart to heart in which she appeals to him to not trust the National Guard. While he strongly disagrees, ex-wife Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez) interrupts the conversation and, as you can imagine, drama ensues.

Season two of Fear will pick up shortly after the season-one finale and explore what family is in the new world and whether it is defined by blood or bond, showrunner Dave Erickson told THR.

Check out the exclusive clip, above, and click the link below for more details on season two.