'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 4 Puts Another Major Character in Danger

Questions surround the fate of Madison Clark, the Fear the Walking Dead matriarch played by Kim Dickens. Why isn't she in the "present" timeline, stalking through the forest alongside Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Nick (Frank Dillane), Luciana (Danay García) and Strand (Colman Domingo)? Did the Vultures seize control over the Diamond, and therefore control over Madison ... or did things take a turn for the even worse?

Madison's fate aside, it's time to start worrying about some of the other major characters on the Fear side of the Walking Dead universe — all four of the confirmed survivors, in fact. A preview for the next new episode of season four, called "Good Out Here," sees Strand, Luciana and Alicia on their knees with their hands bound, while Nick takes a quick trip thanks to picking a fight with Morgan (Lennie James) and his Aikido stick.

"I don't kill," Morgan reminds the viewer, but that doesn't mean he won't put the extended Clark family in a position to be killed by someone else. 

At the heart of the trailer stands the Clark family member currently most at risk, with the obvious exception of Madison: Nick. The shaggy-haired survivor is seen struggling against a group of flesh-hungry walkers, his weapon immovably jammed into the skull of one zombie while another chomps in his general direction. It's hard to imagine Fear the Walking Dead without the character the entire show started with, but season four has already subverted numerous expectations in only two episodes. Could Nick's death be on the looming horizon?

What's more, Nick shares the focus of AMC's official sneak peek of the episode, in which he and Morgan hide out in Althea's (Maggie Grace) SWAT van while a fast car speeds down the road. The two men are clearly primed for some important screen time together in the coming episode, an intriguing prospect considering they both have previously declared themselves invincible in the face of the zombie apocalypse. If we're about to see one of these characters' hypotheses proven wrong, don't bet against the guy around whom the entire Walking Dead crossover has been built.

Even if Nick's life isn't in immediate danger, we're likely to see some bloodshed surrounding someone with whom he shares an important connection: Daniel Salazar, played by Ruben Blades. While he's not a series regular for season four, AMC has confirmed Blades will return at some point in the episodes ahead. When last we saw him, Salazar was with Nick as the Gonzalez Dam started crumbling, having just been recently shot in the face by Strand. It's a good bet that Salazar didn't survive for very long after the incident, and that his death is intricately tied into why Nick was reluctant to ever leave the Diamond, as seen in episode two. Keep an eye on episode three as a potential spot for a Salazar comeback, then — and as a subsequent sendoff.

Watch the sneak peek below:

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