'Fear the Walking Dead': Where Everyone Left Off and What's Next (After the Big Crossover)

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The time for Fear is almost at hand.

In due time, fans of the zombie apocalypse will drift away from Alexandria and move closer to Texas, as The Walking Dead season eight gives way to Fear the Walking Dead season four. The upcoming season of the second AMC zombie drama stands ready to reset the thrust of the series, if not outright reboot it: Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and her loved ones remain very much at the heart of the Walking Dead spinoff, but several newcomers are joining the action as well. Most intriguingly: Morgan Jones (Lennie James), turning his back on the Alexandria Safe-Zone in favor of an unsafe and uncertain future on the other side of the country.

Why is Morgan leaving the flagship Walking Dead in order to explore another corner of the apocalypse? And what lies in store for Madison and her family in the episodes ahead, especially given their own inconclusive fates at the end of last season? With little time left between now and the season premiere, The Hollywood Reporter has stepped up to catalog where everyone on Fear the Walking Dead left off last — and where they're likely going next.

Madison Clark

Played by: Kim Dickens

Last seen: The lone confirmed survivor of the Gonzalez Dam's explosion, washing ashore as water finally flowed down to the people.

Prediction for the season: Before leaving the series, showrunner and co-creator Dave Erickson told THR his ultimate vision was for Madison to become a figure like The Governor (David Morrissey), slowly transformed from hero to villain over the course of several seasons. Given the arrival of several newcomers to the FTWD universe this year, we're betting this is one of Erickson's ideas that carries over into the future of the series. With a time jump in play, Madison's heel turn should come this season, should it come to pass at all.

Nick Clark

Played by: Frank Dillane

Last seen: Destroying the Gonzalez Dam as a means of helping his family and friends escape, though his final fate was left unknown.

Prediction for the season: The recovering drug addict with a serious God complex will either double down on his self-professed invincibility or finally realize the extent of his own frailty. With the cast expanding this season, some of the old guard will have to die. Nick ranks high on our list of original FTWD stars who won't survive the season — but not before he and Morgan have the chance to bond over their shared delusions about immortality.

Alicia Clark

Played by: Alycia Debnam-Carey

Last seen: Boating away from the Gonzalez Dam, her fate unknown once the flood arrived.

Prediction for the season: The erstwhile Commander Lexa spent way too long as a veritable damsel in distress, finally growing into the role of post-apocalyptic soldier toward the end of season three. We fully expect that momentum to continue into season four of Fear the Walking Dead. There's a time jump on the horizon, providing the show with a natural way to accelerate Alicia's natural evolution as one of the show's most self-sufficient and satisfying characters. Could we see a war between Madison and Alicia? Fingers are certainly crossed over here.

Victor Strand

Played by: Colman Domingo

Last seen: Alongside Alicia, his fate unknown as well; moments before the dam's destruction, Strand attempted to murder Salazar (Ruben Blades), botching the job and sickened by his own actions.

Prediction for the season: The smooth-talking con man recently learned he's not much when it comes to killing. It was a sharp, deeply felt end point for Strand in season three, and one that should carry over into the fourth season. He also left season three having just betrayed Madison and friends' trust, even if it was for noble(ish) reasons in his own mind. Will that trust be repaired in season four? It's nothing a leap forward in time can't fix…

Daniel Salazar

Played by: Ruben Blades

Last seen: Having just been shot in the face by Strand, Salazar embarked on a vengeance mission against the people attacking the Gonzalez Dam. He was with Nick when the dam gave way.

Prediction for the season: What's next for Salazar, the former Sombra Negra soldier who was last seen in the thick of a killing spree? A fantastic question, and one that doesn't have an easy answer. Blades is set to appear in season four, but not as a series regular. Does that mean we will only see him again in flashback form? Will he appear intermittently? Has he gone rogue once again, veering away from the main group? If Salazar leaves the show for good in season four, it won't happen easily. The man already survived one massive explosion…what's one more?

Luciana Galvez

Played by: Danay García

Last seen: Running away from the Otto family compound, after recovering from her wounds.

Prediction for the season: Against all odds, Luciana will remain a factor on Fear the Walking Dead in the season ahead. García is seen in promotional material for the season, guaranteeing a reunion with Nick is on the horizon. How on Earth did these two find each other after the events of season three? Once again, with feeling: time jump!

Qaletaqa Walker and Crazy Dog

Played by: Michael Greyeyes and Justin Rain, respectively

Last seen: Sniping bad guys from a distance, while on their way to who knows where.

Prediction for the season: Like Salazar, both Walker and Crazy Dog are absent from promotional materials for the coming season. It's a shame, too. Walker was easily the most intriguing character introduced in season three, so much so that there was brief speculation from Erickson that Walker could wind up on The Walking Dead proper: "I certainly hope so, because Michael Greyeyes is awesome, and Justin Rain, who plays Crazy Dog aka Lee, is also awesome." If Walker and Crazy Dog don't show up again in the live-action Walking Dead universe, is a comic book resurgence too much to ask?

Proctor John

Played by: Ray McKinnon

Last seen: Antagonizing the Clark family and the keepers of the Gonzalez Dam, only for the tables to turn decidedly against him and his allies thanks to Nick's detonation plan.

Prediction for the season: He won't be around, at least not in the early going. Once again, another actor who does not appear in any promotional material for the coming season. What's more, he was a late addition to the FTWD cast in season three, someone from the latter stages of Erickson's time on the show. With new showrunners on board guiding the series in a new creative direction, expect Proctor John to wash away with the tide — unless a late season-four surprise return is in the offing.

Morgan Jones

Played by: Lennie James

Last seen: As of this writing, we last saw Morgan on a killing spree, murdering numerous Saviors alongside Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Whatever happens in the Walking Dead season-eight finale, it will galvanize Morgan to leave Alexandria behind in favor of the wild west.

Prediction for the season: Both Morgan and Nick believe they can't die. At least one of them will be correct, in terms of plot armor: Morgan, as the person who is bridging the gap between the two sides of the Walking Dead TV franchise, is safe for the time being. Exactly how the series moves forward with Morgan at the forefront? Very hard to say, because we don't yet know which version of Morgan we'll see. If it's the pacifistic disciple of Eastman, then Morgan will imbue the Clark clan with all the Aikido wisdom he has to spare. If it's the psychotic Morgan of recent events? Batten down the hatches.

The Newcomers

Played by: Garrett Dillahunt, Maggie Grace and Jenna Elfman

Last seen: Never seen previously.

Prediction for the season: Not only is Morgan joining the FTWD family, and not only is the show expanding its cast to add three new series regulars, season four is adding three notable actors in these new roles: Garrett Dillahunt (Deadwood) as John, Maggie Grace (Lost) as Althea, and Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg) as Naomi. What does the future hold for the newest additions to the wild west Walking Dead? It's impossible to know — and incredibly exciting to consider. As a total shot in the dark, here are some predictions for their future on the show: Naomi ("a capable survivor who’ll have to keep her guard up when she crosses paths with Madison and her family," according to AMC) won't survive the season, nor will John ("a man who has been living on his own for some time"), but Althea ("someone uniquely qualified to survive — to thrive, even — in this world") will make it out alive.

What are your predictions for the Fear the Walking Dead cast in season four? Sound off in the comments below, and keep checking THR.com/FearTheWalkingDead for more coverage.