'Fear the Walking Dead' Stars on the Multiple Threats in Season 2

Fear the Walking Dead - H 2016
Courtesy of Richard Foreman Jr./AMC

AMC's Fear the Walking Dead is set to face both some new and familiar threats when the prequel series returns for its second season Sunday.

Madison (Kim Dickens), Travis (Cliff Curtis) and their brood are heading out to sea with the mysterious Victor Strand (new series regular Colman Domingo) where, thanks to his luxurious yacht The Abigail, they'll sail from port to port as they search for a new (and safe) place to call home.

But they will not be alone on the open waters, where they'll face a new set of threats — including floating zombies and other survivors who covet The Abigail.

Here, the producers and stars talk with THR about the biggest threats to come in the 15-episode sophomore season of Fear the Walking Dead.

Dave Erickson (showrunner)

There's one consistency between both shows and the comic that we'll discover that we're not the only people that chose to go to sea. We happen to be on one of the baddest boats that's on the water. An initial threat will come from other people but I wouldn't call them pirates — they're survivors. We'll realize that we're really no safer on water than we are on land. We will be a group and family looking for some safe port of call and a place they can call home again.

Gale Anne Hurd (exec producer)

In season one, we were at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. You could pretend that life might return to normal. Now, there's no more living in denial. You're really going to face threats every moment from outsiders and from the infected and from people that you know and love who might have been changed irrevocably by what they've been doing. A boat is not only a potential safe haven, but also transportation at the same time. You still need to go to shore and we'll see some places that we could never have possibly seen in The Walking Dead. We'll be able to see a lot more of California and what it's like living in a place where there's danger around every corner.

Kim Dickens (Madison)

Biggest threat: It's other humans — at first. There's an interesting interpersonal dynamic that happens when you throw us all on that boat. We're a new, blended forced family and emotions get high. It's a tinderbox on the water and we don't know Strand or whether or not to trust him. He's a bit intense.

Cliff Curtis (Travis)

It continues to be people — and relationships. People disagreeing and their survival mentality. When humanity loses its sense of ethics, morals and values and we're just pure survivalists, then we're crazy and we'll do anything and are horrible to one another. That's the biggest threat. Travis is in a very shaky place; he's really vulnerable and he's really limited. I don't think he really knows who he is going to be. What were his assets before the apocalypse? They've become his greatest weaknesses — his morality, his idealism, his optimism — all that stuff is out the window. He has to be reinvented to survive in this new world.

Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia)

It's each other. We're in a cramped, confined space and suddenly you're with people in totally new circumstances and you don't know how they're going to handle it. There's also the obvious threat of walkers and the infected but right now it's each other.

Frank Dillane (Nick)

All the dead people walking around! (Laughing)

Mercedes Mason (Ofelia)

We're going to be speeding up quite a bit so there's going to be a lot more infected coming our way. As soon as you have something as luxurious as The Abigail, people are going to want to take it from you. We have threats not only from the infected but also from others who want what we have. We're getting threats from all sides.

Can Ofelia swim: Yes! Ofelia can swim — maybe not as well as some others but if nothing else, she'll dog paddle. I'm going to make her survive!

Colman Domingo (Victor Strand)

Strand says the biggest threat is people — and even the people you think you know, your family, because the show does become less about the familial bonds and it becomes more about bonds about what brings you together and what you're made of. How can you benefit one another? Strand is very concerned with that in terms of obligation. … Strand's biggest asset is his mind. He knows how to use language to get what he needs to read people. You're going to find out how he made his money. He'd be a good psychiatrist because he can read people quickly and see the things that they can't see in themselves. He was more interested in Nick than the rest of the family. The idea is in an apocalypse to be with someone who is as much of a risk taker as what he sees. He doesn't see him as being a drug addict; he sees him as someone who is valuable in this scenario because he knows how to survive.

Fear the Walking Dead premieres Sunday, April 10 at 9 p.m. on AMC.