Will Ferrell Suits up for 'Ferrell Takes the Field' Trailer

He will play all the positions in one day during spring training in an homage to former big-league shortstop Bert Campaneris.

Will Ferrell suits up again (and again) in the trailer for the HBO special Ferrell Takes the Field.

The comedian plays 10 positions on 10 teams in one day, all recorded during one day during spring training.

"They say nothing's more American than grabbing a hot dog, heading to the ballpark and watching nine guys from the Dominican Republic make magic on the field," Ferrell says in the trailer. "But you know what? Today I learned they are wrong. Make that eight Dominicans and one guy from Irvine, California." 

He traveled via helicopter to play for the Los Angles Dodgers and Angels, the Chicago Cubs and White Sox, the San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners, Arizona Diamondbacks and Cincinnati Reds.

The special is set to debut September 12 at 10 p.m. on HBO.