David Boreanaz Picks Up a Fan Club While Directing 'The Finder'

The "Bones" star talks about stepping away from his own series, and the spin-off's cast sing his praises.
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Friday's return of The Finder marks another crossover with parent series Bones -- but you won't see it on camera. David Boreanaz joined the episode as director, the first time he's taken that role for a series that wasn't his own.

Directing five episodes of Bones to date and one of Angel, Boreanaz had previously split his time on both sides of the lens.

"It's a little bit more calm and relaxing, due to the fact that I didn't have to worry about jumping into a role and playing a scene," Boreanaz recently told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's just a great experience to do something outside of what you're so familiar with. When you have that fear, it really helps push your creativity."

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The episode, which features an appearance from Curtis "50 Cent'' Jackson, marked first-time collaborations with series stars Geoff Stults and Mercedes Masöhn. When THR met with both of them ahead of the series premiere, they both mentioned that Boreanaz's reputation as a director proceeded him.

"He's one of my favorite directors, and I did not expect it," said Stults, laughing. "I'd heard it from other people, but I thought it was bullshit."

Assistance from the Bones cast, on screen and off, is something Stults said made The Finder run that much more smoothly in its initial episodes.

"It's like varsity coming down to hang with JV," Stults added. "From the second he stepped on the set, he was clear, he was collaborative, he was fun and he knew what he wanted."

Masöhn, who recently boarded ABC's 666 Park pilot in second place to The Finder, echoed Stults' sentiments. "He was a blast," she said. "From an actor's point of view, it's just so refreshing. He understands what we're doing and he lets us play and try different ways of doing a scene."

And for anyone taking their endorsement to heart, Boreanaz did say that he was interested in finding a small independent feature to direct when he gets time off from his recently renewed day job.

"I think the best part about is knowing you've done all of your homework, showing up and then throwing it all out the window to be flexible and listen," said Boreanaz.

The Finder, making its Friday debut, airs at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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