Fire-Breathing Tarantulas Attack L.A. in Syfy's Latest Monster Mashup

'Lavalantula' premieres next summer
Courtesy of SyFy

Move over, Sharknado. Syfy is launching another satirical apocalyptic film, and this time it involves giant lava-breathing tarantulas.

In Lavalantua — get it? — fire-spewing eight-legged creatures erupt out of ancient volcanoes in the Santa Monica mountains and attempt to destroy Los Angeles.

Cue the washed-up '90s action hero character, played by Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy, Diner), determined to save the City of Angels. With the help of fellow Police Academy alumni Leslie Easterbrooks and Michael Winslow, he sets out to protect the city from the swarm of bloodthirsty spiders and avoid getting burned alive.

"Fire burns...lava bites," reads the tagline on the poster for the movie, which also stars Nia Peeples (The Young and the Restless) and frequent Kevin Smith collaborator Ralph Garman. It's directed by Mike Mendez, who has a proven track record with the oversized arachnid genre (he won a Saturn Award for helming Big Ass Spiders). Lavalantua premieres in summer 2015.

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