First Look: 'Jay and Silent Bob's' Jason Mewes on His New FEARnet Series (Exclusive Video)

Watch THR's sneak peek at "Todd & The Book of Pure Evil."
"Todd & the Book of Pure Evil"

FEARnet HD kicks off its “Twisted Comedy” block starting Tuesday at 10 p.m. with the new series Todd & the Book of Pure Evil. It features Clerks grad and one-half of the Jay and Silent Bob duo, Jason Mewes.

"[The viewers are] in for monsters, life as a teenager, heavy metal and a book that is all sexy on its own," Mewes tells The Hollywood Reporter about the series. "The cast is great and the show kind of reminds me a little of Tales from the Crypt set in high school."  

The supernatural comedy follows Todd (Alex House) and his friends as they try to battle a mysterious book that grants seemingly innocent wishes with disastrous consequences.

"Every episode Todd tries to find the Book of Pure Evil before it finds its next victim,” Mewes explains. “I like that when people use the book to wish for something, it usually delivers unexpected and hilarious results.”

Mewes plays the very wise Jimmy the Janitor who dispenses advice that helps Todd beat the book. Mewes says viewers should pay attention to the “the awesome room that my character Jimmy is in most of the day.  He always has something going on whenever Todd comes in for advice."

Episode 1 premieres Today at 10 pm followed by Psychoville at 10:30 p.m. on FEARnet HD. For more information, visit the FEARnet website.

Watch THR’s exclusive preview of Episode 2 of Todd & the Book of Pure Evil below.


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