'The Flash': 5 Funniest Quotes From 'The Flash is Born'

The Flash S01E06 - H 2014
Cate Cameron/The CW

[WARNING: spoilers ahead for Tuesday's episode of The Flash, "The Flash Is Born."]

Arrow's got the dark and gritty thing down to a tee, but CW's The Flash has the humor. It's so funny, in fact, that it even makes us forget the moral ambiguities of locking up villains in the prison beneath a lab run by a (possibly evil?) scientist. Seriously, will these villains ever get their day in court? But we'll overlook that because the show is just too much fun.

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So fun, that we've selected the five funniest quotes from Wednesdays' episode, which saw Barry (Grant Gustin) battle a new villain, who happens to be old bully Tony (Greg Finley). Tony isn't too bright, but he's definitely strong.

1. "What kind of tool steals a yellow Humvee?"  —  Joe, who apparently never saw Entourage

2. "Interesting. A man of steel" — Doctor Wells, who while talking about Tony, gives us a tease that should send fanboys (and girls) into a frenzy. 

3. "[It's] the average number of bugs Barry swallows while running."  — Cisco, revealing the answer to one of his calculations.

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4. "I think the seam was starting to split" — Barry after breaking a punching bag. How very Captain America. 

5. "What's the plan here Tony? You're finally going for that GED?" — Iris, after Tony kidnaps her and takes her to their old high school. Speaking of Tony, he clearly isn't too smart. His plan is to kidnap Iris so she can become his personal blogger? Uh, Tony, ever hear of WordPress? Or Xanga? You can totally do this yourself, man.

What were your favorite moments from this week's episode of The Flash? Let us know in the comments.

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