'The Flash': Reverse-Flash Revelation Sets Stage for Endgame

The Flash S01E20 - H 2015
Cate Cameron/The CW

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for Tuesday's episode of The Flash, "The Trap."]

The future is not looking bright for The Flash gang.

The STAR Labs team got a glimpse of the future in Tuesday's episode, as season-long mysteries began to unravel. Things have never been more dangerous for Barry (Grant Gustin) and his friends.

Barry, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) met Gideon, the artificial intelligence Wells (Tom Cavanagh) talks to inside his time vault. Gideon revealed that Barry is her creator, and that she will follow any order he gives her (that should come in handy later). She also revealed that Barry has a high-up job in the police department in 2024 — the year he also disappears after a mysterious event.

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The STAR Labs team developed an Inception-like plan involving lucid dreaming in order to trap Wells into confessing to the murder of Barry's mother — which could free Barry's father Henry (John Wesley Shipp), who was wrongly convicted in the case.

It doesn't go as planned, and that led to a whole host of complications. Among them:

The game is on. Wells knew what steps the team would make ahead of time, thanks to surveillance he ran out his time vault. Even as the team set a trap, he was setting a trap for them, forcing shape shifter Hannibal Bates (Martin Novotny) to impersonate him. Now they have played all of their cards and are no closer to stopping Wells.

Iris knows Barry's secret. Second time is a charm, as Iris (Candice Patton) discovered Barry is the scarlet speedster. Unlike the last time this happened, time travel does not look like it will erase it. Could wedding bells soon follow? According to the newspaper from 2024, Iris and Barry end up marrying.

Eddie is the bait. The Reverse-Flash kidnapped poor Eddie (Rick Cosnett), revealing to Iris' boyfriend that he is in fact the villains' ancestor. (Viewers have known that for some time.) That gives Wells/Eobard more reason to keep Eddie from proposing to Iris, whom he knows is supposed to marry Barry. If Eddie marries Iris, that could in a Back to the Future way prevent Eobard from being born in the first place.

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Viewers still don't know why Eobard wanted to kill Barry. The big question: Why is Eobard doing all of this? Gideon gave the obvious answer that he killed Barry's mother because he was angry. But that doesn't explain why he traveled back in time in the first place.  Reguardless, this sounds bad for Barry: "Nothing will be forgotten. There will be reckoning,"

Next week, the much-anticipated Grodd comes into play, and Wells is pulling the strings behind the psychic gorilla. 

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The Flash airs Tuesdays on the CW at 8 p.m