'The Flash': "Hurt" Iris Confronts Barry About His Secret (Exclusive Video)

Barry's (Grant Gustin) secret is out.

Iris (Candice Patton) has learned her adoptive brother is the Flash, and in Tuesday's episode she will deal with the ramifications that he kept this secret from her. At the same time, she'll be attempting to help bring her boyfriend, Eddie (Rick Cosnett), home, after he was kidnapped by Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh).

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In a clip from Tuesday's episode, with Barry still not knowing she has discovered his secret, "we see an angry side of Iris. And she stands up for herself," Patton tells The Hollywood Reporter. "She tells the men in her life that they have deeply hurt her."

In last week's episode, a future newspaper held in Wells' time chamber revealed that in 2024, Iris is married to Barry. That information "will come into play" in Tuesday's episode, with Iris "being made aware," says Patton.

When the dust settles and Iris eventually makes peace with Barry and her father, Joe (Jesse L. Martin), who also kept the secret from her, Patton predicts Iris will want to join the STAR Labs team on their adventures.

"Now having access to STAR Labs and knowing who the Flash is and having more access to a hot story, that is only going to propel Iris to work more in line with the STAR Labs team and with the Flash and with her father to solve these mysteries in Central City," says Patton.

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Iris has a burgeoning career in journalism thanks to her dogged determination to uncover stories about the Flash. Patton hopes that future seasons explore how knowing the Flash's identity will affect her career, and how she will balance knowing Barry's secret with "making sure his identity is kept safe."

"The Flash can only be the Flash when he is a mystery," says Patton. "It will be interesting to see how as a reporter she reports about the Flash."

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.