'The Flash' EP: "Superman"-Level Fight Changes Barry's Life Forever

The Flash S01E10 Still - P 2015
Dean Buscher

The Flash S01E10 Still - P 2015

A big change is coming to The Flash.

Tuesday's episode will feature a massive brawl revealing to the world that The Flash is real. Barry (Grant Gustin) squares off against Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) in what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg describe as a fight worthy of Superman.

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"The Flash does this knockdown, drag out Superman II fight in the streets with the rogues, and everyone sees The Flash," Kreisberg tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It's no longer an urban myth. He can't be dismissed. The world starts to change and is starting to have to accept that there are these crazy things out there. That will have repercussions going back into Starling City as the world starts to change."

The episode, which is the first time Prison Break alums Miller and Purcell have appeared together on screen since the show wrapped, also is the first supervillain team-up of the series.

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"It's the first time villains have said 'our goal this week is to kill The Flash,' " says Kreisberg.

That's not all Barry has to contend with this episode.

"He's thinking about Reverse Flash after the last episode," Gustin says.

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And fresh off his admission to Iris (Candice Patton) that he has feelings for her.

"He's not as bummed as you would think," Gustin says. "Iris is actually the one who is being more awkward about it."

Stay tuned to The Live Feed following Tuesday's episode for Gustin's take on where The Flash is headed next.  

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