'The Flash's' Wentworth Miller on TV Return: I Wanted That "Electricity" Again

The 'Prison Break' star makes his anticipated debut Tuesday
Cate Cameron/The CW
'The Flash'

The Fastest Man Alive may have met his match.

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller returns to television with a splashy role on The Flash as Leonard Snart, the man who becomes one of Barry Allen's biggest foes, Captain Cold. Miller, who took a lengthy break from TV after toplining Fox's Prison Break for four seasons and a TV movie, makes his anticipated debut on Tuesday's episode, "Going Rogue." Later in the season, he'll be reunited with his Prison Break co-star Dominic Purcell, who plays Rogue member Heatwave.

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Miller's decision to return to the front of the camera after putting on his writer's hat (2013's Stoker, 2015's The Disappointments Room) and starring on the big screen (Resident Evil franchise) was a conscious one; he cited the often "lonely experience" of spending his days alone as a big factor. Ahead of the episode, the 42-year-old actor answered five questions via email for The Hollywood Reporter about his anticipated introduction to Central City.

It's been a few years since we've seen you on the small screen, save for a few guest spots here and there (Law & Order: SVU in 2009, House in 2011, voicing Deathstroke in 2013's Young Justice). What about The Flash and Captain Cold made you want to get back into the swing of TV?

I'd been writing for a few years and it was a lonely experience. Initially I enjoyed sitting at my desk and setting my own hours. Being my own boss. But I started missing the community and the connection you find on set. Especially a TV set. The cast and crew of The Flash bust hump every week putting together something great. And that creates this really tight, close-knit dynamic. A certain electricity. And I was looking for some of that in my life again.

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Producers Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns intimated that it was your idea to bring Dominic Purcell in for Heatwave. Why did you believe he would be a good fit and what was it like reuniting for the first time on screen since Prison Break?

As soon as they described the character to me I thought of Dom. "Unpredictable, force-of-nature, a little rough-and-tumble...." But I never dreamed it would actually come together. And I'm so glad it did. As men, we couldn't be more different. But he gets me and I get him. And that's true of our characters as well. What I would have had to generate from nothing with another actor — history, intimacy — Dom and I already had the moment they yelled "action."

Speaking more specifically to your character, what was most intriguing about Leonard Snart/Captain Cold?

Snart's a villain but he's also very human. That's one of the things that drew me to him. The chance to play his various levels. When I watched the pilot I thought, "This is a show where there seems to be a real balance between action and character. They're investing in both." So I knew it wouldn't just be Snart blasting things with his Cold Gun. We get to see the man too.

What similarities might he have to Michael Scofield?

They're both clever, but where Michael is willing to sacrifice himself for others, Snart likes it the other way around.

The Rogues are a big part of The Flash mythology and it appears Captain Cold is building up his army. What's his drive in stopping The Flash at any cost?

It feels like his motivations are pretty classic. Dominance. Supremacy. First prize in the local pissing contest. It's how men like Snart pass the time and keep themselves amused. Taking what they want when they want. And anyone who gets in the way of that has to be eliminated.

The Flash airs 8 p.m. Tuesdays on The CW.

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