'The Following': Go Behind the Scenes With Director Marcos Siega (Exclusive Video)

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Barbara Nitke/Fox

What is it like on the set of The Following?

Fox has put together a behind-the-scenes video to answer just that question, with a focus on The Following executive producer and director Marcos Siega. In the package, which The Hollywood Reporter debuts exclusively, creator Kevin Williamson notes that he wanted the Kevin Bacon drama to feel "real" and "cinematic," so who better to tackle that than Siega (Williamson at one point likened Siega to a painter)?

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Footage of Siega directing Bacon and the cast, as well as setting up shots on the New York-based production -- which just wrapped filming on its 15-episode first season -- offers a better sense of how the filmmaker conducts business on set. For Williamson, Siega is pivotal to the show because he understands "emotional horror."

The way The Following is shot mirrors the context of the show. Because what the characters experience and observe is often unsettling, Siega uses a hand-held method for capturing the action. The "fast-paced" show averages 80 scenes per 42-minute episode, so "it's a lot of moving around, and we're shooting the show in that way," Siega says.

"It's not about shocking people," Siega adds. "It's really just keeping them on the edge of their seats."

The Following airs at 9 p.m. Mondays on Fox.

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