'Forever' Trailer Teases Brutal Twist to Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph's Family Vacation

In the first trailer for the Amazon Prime series Forever released Thursday, Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph are a married couple whose lives are about to be upended.

The Saturday Night Live alums take on the roles Oscar and June, who seem to live a repetitive suburban existence in Riverside, California. In the clip, Rudolph and Armisen take daily strolls throughout the neighborhood, eat the same meals and vacation at their rental lake house.

That monotonous life, however, is interrupted when they take a spontaneous ski trip on which, the trailer teases, they have a brush with danger.

Forever, which was previously untitled, is helmed by Emmy Award-winning writers Alan Yang (Master of None, Parks and Recreation) and Matt Hubbard (30 Rock, Parks and Recreation).

In addition to starring, Rudoph and Armisen serve as executive producers alongside Yang, Tim Sarkes and Dave Becky.

Forever will be available to stream on Amazon Prime on Sept. 14.