'The Fosters': David Lambert Hints at Major Finale Upheaval, Season 2 'Restart'

The ABC Family drama's Monday closer, taking place on Callie and Jude's adoption day, puts Brandon "in a weird situation," he tells THR.
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David Lambert with Maia Mitchell in "The Fosters"

Is Brandon Foster on his way to redemption?

ABC Family's The Fosters closes out a tumultuous run for the former "good boy," whose lying, bribing and questionable choices led the eldest Foster to be handcuffed in the back of a police car. Unfortunately, his troubles continue in Monday's season finale, set around Callie and Jude's adoption, when his pent-up feelings for his soon-to-be foster sister Callie lead him to make an irreversible decision.

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David Lambert talks to The Hollywood Reporter about Brandon's unraveling, ramifications for his actions and the chances of a Brandon/Callie reconciliation.

Brandon started off as the family's golden boy and for the past few weeks, we've seen him self-sabotage as he continued to make bad decision after bad decision. How has it been for you to see the character go down this particular path?

I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a cool arc for him. He was such a good boy, and then he made a few mistakes; I feel like it was a very normal thing for him to go through. He's the perfect age [to do this]. He needs to make mistakes, he needs to grow and I think that's what we're seeing now is Brandon having to come to terms with a lot of different things and learn from his mistakes. Hopefully he'll be a better guy because of it.

Do you think Brandon's unraveling progressed in a natural way?

Discussions were definitely had about just how dark he's getting. I didn't want to make him sinister in any way. He's not sketchy -- he had to do sketchy things, I suppose, with the fake IDs, but I still wanted a vague sense of the regular Brandon that we know underneath somewhere. I took him out there for a little bit. I thought it was interesting, and I thought it only adds more to him as a character and hopefully makes him feel much more real. I do feel people have those layers, and sometimes you're going through a period in your life and sometimes you're not.

Will Brandon and Callie be back on good terms?

I think they're definitely going to get back to a better place. I don't know if it'll be the same place, especially because of [last week's] episode where Brandon laid it all out on the line and Callie definitely turned him down and said no, this can't happen. Things are rough right now for him, but they'll find their way back to a good place. They need to figure it out, and it'll take some time for them to find a place that feels right. It'll be interesting to see how long that takes and where they end up. They will be OK eventually.

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There's a fascinating dynamic that's been brewing between Brandon and Dani, Mike's girlfriend, that's been building ever since she came into the picture. What can you say about their semi-mother/son, semi-friends relationship?

She is a very interesting character. We don't know much about her past, but it's safe to say that she probably didn't have a good one and she probably made a lot of mistakes. Mike was her ticket to a wholesome, loving environment -- the one thing she hasn't had. She's forcing her way in there, and it all feels very weird and forced. It's odd for Brandon because he's living with his dad, and now there's this woman there who's trying to connect with him, and Brandon's indebted to her [for giving him the money]. She's honestly a mystery but at the same time, she has been an interesting person for Brandon to go to and he's connected to her. To some degree, they do have their own special relationship but also, I think Brandon hates how deep he got in there with Dani and now it's almost this weird triangle of miscommunication and lies going on between him, Mike and Dani.

With the season finale taking place on Callie and Jude's adoption day, how does them officially joining the Fosters' household complicate Brandon's desires to be in a relationship with Callie?

Adoption is coming up soon, and that's one thing that's very important to Callie. I think she's done with the nomadic existence, and she wants a place for herself and for Jude and have a family and people she can go to. That trumps her relationship with Brandon. He's put in a weird situation because he really does love and care about her. But he has to be OK with saying, this can't happen right now or maybe this can't happen ever because this is more important and Callie needs this. That will always probably be the No. 1 struggle for Brandon, having to keep his emotions in check and having to bite the bullet and not necessarily be where he wants to be with her.

Looking ahead to season two, will we see Brandon branch off more and will he have a new love interest potentially?

We're definitely going to see him branch off, I'd say. After everything that happens with these two last episodes [of the season], everything that happens to Brandon, he needs a restart, a reset. Season two is going to feel that way. He's going to be kind of down off the top [of season two], figuring things out, but he's definitely going to branch out and stay active. He'll be doing his musical thing and exploring that. Someone might come along eventually. He has self-work to do before he can worry about a girl, but in due time, sure.

The Fosters wraps up season one Monday at 8 p.m. and returns for season two June 16 on ABC Family.

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