Fox News Bosses Drop in on 'Fox & Friends': Watch the Nervous Laughter (Video)

Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes pay a rare visit to the network talk show and it's awkward.

Well, we all certainly know what it’s like to have the head honchos drop into the office.

Everyone is on their best behavior and there’s a slight nervousness in the air. That’s what went down on Fox & Friends when the most powerful men in the company, News Corp.’s founder, chairman, and CEO Rupert Murdoch and Fox News Channel President Roger Ailes, stopped by to celebrate the network’s 15th anniversary this month while the cameras rolled.

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It was all smiles and nervous laughter as on-air personalities Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade tossed compliments at the head honchos disguised as interview questions.

Allow me to paraphrase the hard-hitting journalism.

To Murdoch: What genius was involved in hiring Ailes?

To Ailes: Please describe your fighting spirit.

To Ailes: You’re well known for your great sense of humor, what makes you so hilarious?

To Ailes: Mr. Murdoch really supported you. How great is his leadership?

To Murdoch: Would you like some cake?

Watch the full interview above and tell us how grateful you are that cameras aren’t rolling when your boss enters the room.

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