'Fox & Friends' Pranked By Aspiring Comedian Posing as Romney Supporter (Video)

Max Rice, whose interview was cut short, says he was attempting to make the "fake news organization” look "stupid."

Fox & Friends had a less-than-friendly visitor on Monday when aspiring comedian Max Rice appeared posing as a former Obama supporter-turned-Romney enthusiast.

The segment kicked off with Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson introducing Rice as a “recent college grad who voted for President Obama” and who “just moved out of his parents’ home.” Rice then cut in with “S’up” and referred to Carlson, a former Miss America winner, as “Miss USA." “It’s an honor,” he said.

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Carlson quickly corrected her guest (who responded, “Miss Universe in my book”) before asking Rice to explain what had happened since he voted for Obama in the last election.

“I was a huge Obama supporter in 2008,” Rice replied. “I met him in third grade. I met him when I was little.”

And the interview only got worse.

Asked why he’s now a supporter of the Romney campaign, Rice said, “It’s actually a funny story. I lost a basketball game to a friend of mine.”

Producers ultimately cut the interview short after a few more quips from Rice, with Carlson explaining, “We’re gonna give Max another chance maybe when he’s ready to do the interview.”

“They were so happy that I fit the mold and that I was Caucasian,” Rice said in a post-show interview with Raw. “They were just casting a part in a show. They were so stupid… I’m a kid messing around.”

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Rice described producers as “desperate” in their search for a young voter with a change of heart, admitting that he wanted to make the "fake news organization" look "stupid" for seeking interview subjects as if they were “casting a part in a show.”

“What they were seeking is someone who voted for Obama in 2008, then somewhere in the last four years got disenfranchised and now is a huge Romney supporter. But I feel like anyone who fits that mold would also dis Romney at the same time. So, they just couldn’t find anyone. They’re in New York City, so they had to go find a kid in Chicago.”

With no Hollywood credits to his name, the former University of Texas student appears to be active on YouTube. Among his uploads is a high school graduation speech (circa 2010) and a clip of his raunchy stand up routine.

“They had 10 days to ask for my driver’s license,” Rice said of the show’s producers. “They saw my [high school] commencement speech video, but they’re too stupid to realize that if I graduated in 2010, I wouldn’t graduate college until 2014. That’s why I was so awkward in the interview. I wasn’t going to lie.”

Watch video of the interview below, as well as a NSFW clip of Rice performing stand up in a small club.