'Glee': Parents Group Calls Foul on Adoption Storyline

An online campaign urges EP Ryan Murphy to expose the "realities" of adoption in a PSA.

Fox’s Glee has come under fire from adoptive parents who object to a storyline in which high school student, Quinn (Dianna Agron), vows to get her baby back after giving it up for adoption to Shelby (guest star Idina Menzel). The group has created a petition that calls for executive producer Ryan Murphy to produce a PSA shedding light on “adoption realities.”

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"When people are considering adoption, there is a lot of worry and confusion about the relationship with the birth mother,” says Amber Austin, who launched the campaign on Change.org.

“I know that Glee is a dramatic show, but it uses that drama to talk about important issues like racism, homophobia, and sexism,” she continues. “Since adoption is such a core part of Glee, the producers have an opportunity to raise awareness about how adoption really works.”

The petition, which was created after the Quinn-Shelby storyline emerged on the show’s Sept. 27 episode, has collected more than 750 signatures in less than a week.

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