Fox News Attacks 'Newsroom' Portrayal of Tea Party (Video)

"The Five" hosts shred fictional anchor Will McAvoy's "American Taliban" comment.
Fox News
"The Five"

Count The Five hosts among those who hate-watch The Newsroom

The Fox News show held a roundtable in a segment entitled "Hollywood Lionizes Liberals" claiming that the fictional news team on the HBO show advances a liberal agenda because its characters view Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party protesters differently. 

Fox host Greg Gutfeld set the tone with a monologue noting that Jeff Daniels' anchor, Will McAvoy, deems the Tea Party the "American Taliban" but Dev Patel's news staffer praises the Occupy Wall Street movement as being akin to the "Arab spring." 

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"When was this series written? Before the rapes, the murders, before OWS disappeared?" an incredulous Gutfeld stated. He later added: "But that's the great thing about TV. Whatever fails horribly in reality is resurrected in lib land as the victor."

"Wasn't Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber?" scoffed Eric Bolling. "Was he Lloyd or Harry?"

The panel's resident liberal, Bob Beckel -- who conceded that he liked the series -- said that the Aaron Sorkin-penned show was "sort of setting themselves up" for criticism by featuring comments like the "Taliban" remark. 

The Newsroom returns on July 14 on HBO.