Fox News Criticizes Chris Brown's 'Today' Show Appearance (Video)

Laura Ingraham calls Brown and Ke$ha into question for their racy lyrics and bad behavior.
Chris Brown

Chris Brown swept away the competition at this year’s BET Awards, signaling a return to the good graces of many music fans. Following a Friday performance on the Today show, it appeared as though the media was ready to move forward from his 2009 assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna.

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Unwilling to forgive and forget, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham took to the airwaves to publicly criticize Brown, his fans and NBC for supporting the R&B star’s career.
“Whatever you think of his music, Chris Brown beat his girlfriend to a pulp, he uses the N-word, the C-word, the S-word, the F-word, the most degrading, misogynistic lyrics in some of his top songs like ‘Look At Me Now,’” said Ingraham. “He trashed the ABC studio, yet he is treated like royalty, the pope -- whatever the best analogy is -- on the Today show.”

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After showing footage of fans publicly defending the singer on the streets of New York, Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene weighed in.
“Watching that video is just really, really sad,” she said. “To see those young women not being able to recognize that he is giving, I think, all millennial celebrities a bad rap. He’s really focused I think on the church of me.”
Cooper Lawrence, who penned The Cult of Celebrity, was also on hand to give her opinion and shed some light on the mentality of Brown’s loyal follows.
“We make these social comparisons and we do this in-group, out-group thing. And once we decide someone is in our in-group, we’re unwilling to see what’s blatant in front of us,” she explained. “It’s this blind faith that people have in their celebrities once they decide they’re in an in-group.”

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Brown fired back at the speculation, tweeting: “People really should grow up sometimes! I guess the next story they make up will say ‘Chris Brown paid the fans to come!’”
“They are upset at the fact that the Today show actually focuses on talent instead of an almost 3-year old incident!” he continued. “Running bogus and pointless stories don’t matter! My fans prove that everyday and the haters just look old as f**k! I keep my head high and my middle finger higher!”
Brown wasn’t the only artist slammed during the segment. Ingraham also read lyrics from pop party-girl Ke$ha, chiding her “Get Sleazy” tour and alleged backstage activities.
Watch the full clip below.

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