Fox News 'Mole' Joe Muto Scores Six-Figure Book Deal

Joe Muto FOX Mole - P 2012
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Joe Muto, the infamous "Fox Mole," has signed a deal with Dutton to write a book about his experiences working at Fox News titled An Atheist in the Foxhole.

A press release says the book "describes how Muto, an NPR-listening, Obama-loving liberal, took a job at Fox News expecting he'd only stay for a few months. But eight years later, he was still there, working as a producer for Bill O'Reilly, a man with 'fair and balanced' views that made Muto cringe on a daily basis."

Dutton touts the book as being "in the vein of classics like Liar’s Poker and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" that brings "readers inside the heart of a cultural institution that some love and some love to hate." 

Gawker pegs the advance in the low six figures. 

Muto gained fame April 10 when he started anonymously blogging about Fox News for Gawker as the "Fox Mole," gossiping about the conservative news channel.  Within one day, Fox News figured out that Muto was the Mole, and his eight-year tenure at the news channel -- where he had risen from production assistant to an associate producer on The O'Reilly Factor -- was ended.

Fox News has since made legal claims against Muto for larceny and computer tampering. The Manhattan District Attorney's office seized his computer and iPhone as part of the investigation.