Fox News Personalities Rant About the Migrant Caravan in 'SNL' Cold Open

Fox News SNL - H 2018

In the Saturday Night Live cold open on Nov. 3, Kate McKinnon reprised her impression of Fox News host Laura Ingraham to discuss the migrant caravan, perpetuating what Seth Meyers dubbed President Donald Trump’s “scaremongering” about the refugees.

“All of a sudden, the term 'nationalist' is bad,” McKinnon’s Ingraham lamented. “The word 'white' is bad. The phrase 'white nationalist' is bad.”

Her first guest was fellow SNL castmember Cecily Strong as Judge Jeanine Pirro, whose rant about the caravan was similarly loaded with racism and myths. “What will happen when they get here?” McKinnon’s Ingraham asked. “Just look at this footage of the caravan crossing into Mexico,” Strong’s Pirro said before cutting to a well-known scene of zombies climbing over each other from the 2013 Brad Pitt movie World War Z.

Former Sheriff of Milwaukee County David Clarke, played by SNL's Kenan Thompson, was the next guest, and he similarly warned of the supposed “dangers” of the caravan and showed a clip that was just aerial footage of crabs on a beach. When Ingraham asked who the sources were, Thompson’s Clarke replied, “The crows from Dumbo.”

The cold open also parodied conservative attempts at voter suppression, with McKinnon’s Ingraham presenting a new segment called “Fox News Tips for Black and Hispanic Voters.” The tips included never voting on Tuesdays and an explanation that the “R” next to candidates’ names means “really Democrat.”