Drew's 'X Factor' Elimination Draws Harsh Viewer Criticism; Judges Receive Death Threats

Drew Ryniewicz Simon Cowell X Factor 2011

Fox's The X Factor has definitely seen its fair share of controversies in its inaugural season, but viewers have become especially vocal about this week’s elimination of Drew Ryniewicz.

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14-year-old Drew says that she believes she went home, because her survival song “sucked,” but viewers are saying that her elimination has been the biggest mistake of the competition and many believe the politics between the judges is what really sent her packing.

“Lets be clear and send the right message,” Mikeepmac, whose opinion echoes that of many other THR readers, writes. “This is the worst decision I have seen in a long time. I thought this was about the singers and public vote. It appears to be more about the JUDGES. The judges have an opportunity to show great leadership. I'm still waiting for that!”

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Apparently, the anger is mostly directed toward Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul’s votes to send Drew home as L.A. Reid may have gotten a pass from the audience for staying loyal to his team member, Marcus Canty.

On Sunday, TMZ reported that Twitter and Facebook messages to the two female judges have included death threats and that Abdul and Scherzinger fear for their lives. Though, the three examples the website uses don’t exactly threaten to kill the judges as hope for their imminent demise.

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"F**K you paula you dumb c**t you voted off the most talented person on your f**king show. i hope you die you DUMB B***H," writes one viewer.

"@NicoleScherzy @paulaabdul go die," tweets another according to the site.

THR contacted the show and the judges’ reps about the reported death threats, but they didn’t immediately respond to our request.

[Update Dec. 5 12:43 p.m. A Fox spokesperson says the network has no comment on the reports of death threats, though THR's sources close to the show confirm that the reports are true.]

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