'X Factor' Results Show: America's Votes Help Send Home InTENsity


Nick Dean | Age: 15 | Hometown: Rochester, NY
Francesca Duncan | Age: 17 | Resides: Brockport, NY
John Lindahl | Age: 15 | Hometown: Travuco Canyon, CA
Emily Michalak Age: 13 | Hometown: Pine Brook, NJ
Austin Percario | Age: 15 | Hometown: Warren, NJ
Arin Ray | Age: 16 | Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Lauren Ashley Redmond Age: 17 | Resides: DeSoto, TX
Ellona Santiago | Age: 15 | Hometown: San Lorenzo, CA
Ma’at Bingham Shango Age: 12 | Hometown: Houston, TX
Emily Wilson Age: 15 | Hometown: Warren, NJ
Team: Paula

“Being in a group is amazing. When you are a solo artist, you only have yourself to rely on. But when you are in a group you have however many other people who have your back. So it is better to be in a group of ten, plus it is more fun and we have more people to hang out with and it’s just not as stressful.” – John Lindahl

Power went to the people on the first X Factor results show to factor in America's votes on Thursday. With five ways to vote, America made its choices and then the judges sealed the deal by sending home InTENsity.

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InTENsity was one of the groups formed by the judges. Made of soloists who couldn’t make it on their own, the ten young members formed something akin to a group created by the Disney Channel.

Stereo Hogzz joined InTENsity in America’s bottom two. It isn’t a surprise that the two groups got the least amount of votes as arguably Paula Abdul has the weakest team of the competition.

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Though, It might have come as a bit of a surprise to Simon Cowell that the Stereo Hogzz found themselves in the bottom. He may have been high on the news that the show had been renewed for a second season when the declared that there was probably no other group in the world that was better than the guys from Houston after their performance on Wednesday.

After America had its say, the judges had to seal the deal. After performing one last song to impress the panel – InTENsity on “My Life Would Suck Without You” and Stereo Hogzz on “Emotion” – they judges made their decisions.

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Cowell votes to send off Stereo Hogzz (because suddenly there is another group better than them?), but the big cheese stands alone. Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and L.A. Reid all decide that it’s InTENsity’s last hurrah.

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