'X Factor' Results: Who Makes Semifinals? (Video)

X Factor Top 5 2011

America, have you no heart? We had another, in my opinion, shocking elimination as the final five is whittled down one more time to the four semifinalists on The X Factor’s results episode on Thursday.

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Before we get down to the nitty gritty, Lenny Kravitz serves up a performance of a new song called “Rock Star City Life” from his new album, Black and White America. And lest we forgot who he was (since going all Hollywood with The Hunger Games movie), he transitions into his hit, “Are You Gonna Go My Way.”

The show then recaps the performance show in which the contestants sang a club hit and their “save me” songs after someone totally messed up with the Pepsi Challenge songs (heads will roll). We’re also served a video package reminding us just how much work it takes to get these contestants suited up featuring the makeup and wardrobe artists – yes, ar-teests.

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And it’s finally time to reveal who’s safe. In the order that they’re called:

Josh Krajcik: He had a tough time pleasing a critical L.A. Reid last night, which I thought was totally underserved.

Chris Rene: I’m continually shocked at how much America loves it some Chris. He did take a risk last night in singing an original song in the second round, which the judges (and clearly the fans) really appreciated.

With three very nervous singers waiting to hear their fates, Mary J. Blige took the stage. She performs “Need Someone,” a new song off her album, My Life II: The Journey Continues. And Miss Blige can take an audience to church sometimes, so I hoped that Steve Jones wouldn’t have to cut her performance off for time. If he thought Paula Abdul was a challenge… And no, she keep’s the soul under control.

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After Josh and Chris express their gratitude for the votes, we’re back to finding out who’s safe. The last person to advance straight through to the semifinals is…

Melanie Amaro: Even before accent-gate, Melanie has been the most consistent performer in the competition. What accent-gate did do for her was allow some personality to show. That aside, she can literally sing anything and both her performances last night were pretty flawless. She really can’t miss when she goes with the diva classics as she did in the second round.

That leaves Marcus Canty and, be still my beating heart, Rachel Crow, to sing for their survival. Marcus is up first and he takes on, gasp, a Mary J. Blige song, “I’m Going Down.” That’s gutsy with the star having just taken the stage. Is this a two for one? Mary doesn’t mind the royalty checks.

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Next up, Rachel sings an oldie, but a goodie. Her rendition of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind.” She’s a smart girl, because her performance on that song was one of her best of the competition and she kills it with the extra emotion of this moment.

It’s time for the judges to vote. Of course, both L.A. and Simon go with their respective team members. That leaves Paula and Nicole Scherzinger. Paula decides to vote in favor of Rachel as she felt blown away by her performance. But when it comes down to Nicole, she can’t bring herself to make a decision and sends it to America’s vote. That’s the safe route in my opinion.

To be clear, I have nothing against Marcus. I like him and enjoy him. But, hands down, Rachel sings circles around him (especially with the performance we just saw). Sometimes, America doesn’t have great taste and sometimes they can’t be bothered to use their votes. So, the judges are there to act as the checks and balances. Of course, after sending home Drew last week only to get death threats over the decision, I can imagine why Nicole may just want to pass the burden on to America’s votes. But, you know what happens then? Rachel gets sent home.

America, go to your room. I can’t look at you right now. 

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Rewatch Rachel kill it on her survival song below.

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