'X Factor' Results: Put a Fork in The Stereo Hogzz

The Stereo Hogzz X Factor Episodic 2011

Again, it wasn’t a surprise as to who would hit the bottom two on Thursday’s results show on Fox’s The X Factor. The groups are still America’s least favorite performers on the show.

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America’s votes save…

Girls: Melanie Amaro, Rachel Crow, and Drew Ryniewicz

Boys: Astro, Marcus Canty, and Chris Rene

Over 30s: Stacy Francis, LeRoy Bell, and Josh Krajcik

In the bottom two, The Stereo Hogzz found themselves in a familiar place. Once again, they were joined by another one of the groups, Lakoda Rayne. They will now have to sing their survival songs and then wait to see how the judges rule.

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The Stereo Hogzz recently told THR that it felt last week was a result of the fans believing they didn’t need the votes. But this week, America made itself clear. Wednesday’s performance didn’t seem to hit the right notes – excuse the pun – for the group and Simon Cowell felt they weren’t showcasing the kind of recording artists they’d become if they won (a correct assessment in my opinion).

Lakoda Rayne decided to take L.A. Reid’s advice to pick either country or pop and stick to it. They may have made the wrong decision and their performance came off more wannabee than country.

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For their survival song, the girls sang Jordin Sparks' “No Air.” And once again, they failed to really show that they’ve fully gelled as a group. The Stereo Hogzz sang Michael Jackson's “You Are Not Alone.” There’s definitely a difference here where it comes to performing and sounding like a group. Possibly, the judges should resist the urge to feed their egos and avoid creating their own groups from solo artists on Season 2.

The judges seem to have taken a tip from America’s votes. L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger vote to eliminate The Stereo Hogzz. Paula Abdul has a tough time choosing one over the other and ultimately decides to eliminate Lakoda Rayne. It’s all up to Simon and, um, duh. He casts the final vote to send The Stereo Hogzz home.

Did you agree with America’s bottom two? Should the judges have sent home Lakoda Rayne? Tell us in the comments section below.

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