Perez Hilton On Stacy Francis' 'X Factor' Elimination: 'Not Surprising'

Stacy Francis Perez Hilton Split - H 2011
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Stacy Francis Perez Hilton Split - H 2011

It seemed much of The X Factor’s fans were surprised to see that 42-year-old singer Stacy Francis had not only landed in this week’s bottom two, but was then eliminated even after 14-year-old M.C., Astro, threw an unsportsmanlike fit on stage. But, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton says Francis’ elimination wasn’t a shocker for him.

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"Stacy's elimination was not surprising,” Hilton tells The Hollywood Reporter. “She was consistently one of my least favorite performers every week. America -- and the judges --  agreed!"

Hilton had created a firestorm of controversy surrounding the singer that started with him saying she was too old to be a pop star and then followed by his mission to prove her stories of a singing career that went nowhere were lies. He has shared photos and videos of Francis that show her performing in various singing and performing jobs and with celebrity names attached, including a Debbie Allen stage production, The Bayou Legend, and an alleged solo album.

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In response, Francis has said that she had been an open book and that she wasn’t lying when she said her career had not amounted to much before The X Factor.

“Obviously, my career wasn’t as ‘successful’ as people were saying, because no one knew who I was until I came to The X Factor stage,” Francis tells reporters on a press call Friday morning. “So, it wasn’t like I was Janet Jackson and I came to do The X Factor.

And while she doesn’t refer to Hilton specifically, she says she hopes the negative coverage didn’t help place her in the bottom two. Though, it sounds as if she predicted Hilton’s response.

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“I think that was kind of silly that that was brought up,” she says. “I think people were kind of looking for some sort of news to dish on me. And those people got their wish. They wanted to see me off the show and that’s what they got.”

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