'X Factor's' Stacy Francis: Perez Hilton Has Teamed Up With My Abusive Ex Against Me

Stacy Francis Perez Hilton Split - H 2011
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Stacy Francis Perez Hilton Split - H 2011

The question of the past week is why has Perez Hilton decided to target X Factor contestant, Stacy Francis? The gossip blogger has continued to try and discredit the singer when it comes to what she has said about her professional career before the Fox reality show. And now the singer says Hilton has teamed up with her abusive ex against her.

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“It hurts my feelings, because it's a lot of lies he's writing,” Francis tells The Hollywood Reporter after Wednesday night’s performance show.

“And I also found out that my ex-husband was tweeting him,” she continues. “And he's the one that gave him a couple pictures of me and the fake CD that he put up that pretended I had a CD out -- I never did; it was a demo. He's getting all this stuff from my ex-husband and that was my abuser so it's very disappointing.”

Hilton’s assault on the singer’s reputation began last week after he stated she was too old to be a pop singer and American Idol alum Adam Lambert jumped in to defend her. The whole exchange has confused Francis as she tells THR that she believed Hilton was a fan and he had expressed as much.

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“I was excited to meet him,” she says. “And what was really funny, and he probably wouldn't admit it, but it's true, he was following me on Twitter and I was following him, and that whole thing started, I was very classy about it, I never said anything to him and he DM'd me that he loves my voice and hopes that I win.”

“A private message,” she continues. “That's what he wrote me, then the next day he wrote something nasty and I blocked him. He's very mean. who does that?”

THR approached Hilton about the direct message in question and he responded, “Stacy Francis is a great vocalist - who also happens to be a pathological liar and a fraud!”

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In the past week, the gossip columnist has lobbed several accusations at the singer, mostly accusing her of a lack of transparency about her success before auditioning for the Fox show. Hilton has shared photos and videos of Francis that show her performing in various jobs, including a Debbie Allen stage production, The Bayou Legend, and an alleged solo album.

“If I toured with Madonna or Chaka Khan or had a CD out, I would just say it,” Francis, 42, says. “I think it's hard for people to confront that last year my lights were off, my car was about to get repossessed. They don't want to look at those things.”

“For anyone to say I was a successful singer, that's a joke,” she continues. “I wasn't working, nobody was hiring me to sing, I couldn't get a record deal. Simon Cowell is a visionary and he's the one who's giving me a break.”

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The thing is executive producer and judge Cowell has stated that he does not care about the contestants’ career before they arrived to the show. He just wants to find the best unsigned talent in America and has placed a $5 million value on that search. So, why does Hilton or the show’s fans care?

Francis says the ongoing bout with Hilton weighs heavily on her and Over 30s Mentor and judge Nicole Scherzinger has advised her to think of the fans.

“The people who support me and love me, those are the people I need to focus on,” Francis says. “Those beating me up and calling me a liar and a fraud and being mean, I can't give them the pleasure of thinking they have me in the corner crying.”

Update: Hilton tweets: "I CATEGORICALLY deny these libelous allegations! Once again Stacy Francis is lying! She's diseased!I ABSOLUTELY did not get any facts about her past from anyone she's had a relationship with. Period!All the truths about Stacy Francis' past, which she KEEPS lying about, I have dug up online."

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