'X Factor's' The Stereo Hogzz Know Simon Cowell Is Playing the Game

The Stereo Hogzz
Kregg Gibson (aka KG) Age: 25 | Hometown: Houston, TX
Jonathan Glenn (aka Jon Glenn) | Age: 25 | Hometown: Houston, TX
George Jenkins III (aka Trae Badd) | Age: 25 | Hometown: Houston, TX
Leeland Stephenson (aka Trace Kennedy) | Age: 24 | Hometown: Houston, TX
Justin Williams (aka Just’n) | Age: 25 | Hometown: Houston, TX
Team: Paula
“This X Factor experience has been something that we have been dreaming of for a long time. You can’t ask for more, and they provided this platform for us and we are running with it, taking it all the way.” – Trace Kennedy

The Stereo Hogzz found themselves in a bad position on last week’s results show on Fox’s The X Factor. Even after their performance got rave reviews from the judges, the fan votes didn’t come in and they were left to battle it out as part of the bottom two with InTENsity, who ultimately left the show.

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“This is a prime example for America that you have to go out and vote for your favorites,” George Jenkins III (aka Trae Badd) tells The Hollywood Reporter. “A lot of people thought that The Stereo Hogzz didn’t need any votes, that we were good just because we put on two good live performances in a row.”

“But, this is an example to the world that you have to get on that phone and dial until your fingers are sore for the act that you want,” he continues. “Because they may end up in the bottom two or possibly go home.”

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After their live performance last week, judge Simon Cowell proclaimed there isn’t a better band in the world that is as good as The Stereo Hogzz. The next night, though, Cowell cast the sole vote among the judges in favor of sending them home. The group says they know what Cowell is up to.

“It’s a competition for the judges, too,” Leeland Stephenson (aka Trace Kennedy) says. “Any chance that Simon gets to kick us off the show, you see how ecstatic he is when [groups mentor Paula Abdul] is looking disappointed and trying to figure out what’s going on. Then, as soon as we’re all good and Paula is happy, he’s like, ‘Oh, my mood has changed.’ He’s going to try and get us off the show, but it’s no hard feelings. We love Simon.”

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The group will try to win over America’s votes again on Wednesday’s performance show at 8 p.m. on Fox.

"We’re ready to hit the stage and blaze the stage," Kregg Gibson (aka KG) teases about the upcoming performance. "We’re getting ready to let a few cats out the bag. We have a few tricks up our sleeve."

Take another look at Cowell’s vote against The Stereo Hogzz below.


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