Fox's '24' Reboot Outperformed the Series Finale

With 30 days of plays across platforms, the conclusion of "Live Another Day" will outdo the official ender — much like the premiere did in May.
Chris Raphael/FOX
"24: Live Another Day"

Jack Bauer might have flown off into the sunset again, but at least he's still finding an audience.

With live-plus-7 ratings now available for the conclusion of 24: Live Another Day, Fox's latest spin on the franchise is pretty much guaranteed to best the 2010 series finale. The Fox drama's audience already has risen 45 percent (from 6.5 million viewers to 9.4 million viewers); projections put it at grossing 10.7 million viewers once 30 days of multiplatform watches are taken into account.

STORY Networks Campaign to Retire Live and Same-Day Ratings

That additional 12 percent will put it above the 10.4 million (DVR included) that the 24 finale saw in 2010 — and it's more fuel for Fox's and other networks' case to turn the other cheek to early live and same-day ratings.

May's premiere similarly soared. It notched an 87 percent bump with DVR, encores and nonlinear plays for a total 15.6 million viewers. And that means that it trailed only American Idol as the network's most-watched series this calendar year.

It's an uphill battle for all looking to get the focus away from same-day ratings, especially when 30 days comes into the conversation, but advertisers are becoming more amendable. A solid chunk of upfront commitments for the upcoming season were made based on C7 ratings — basically accounting for a week's worth of DVR.